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Transparent Pricing - By the Hour

By the Hour

What is the hourly rate?

Most business or real estate dispute cases/litigation will be by the hour. Work will be billed in the industry standard of tenths of an hour; i.e. 6 minutes = .1 hour.

The standard hourly rate for work performed by Mike Keller is $350/hour. The standard hourly rate for work performed by a legal assistant is $125/hour.

The Keller Firm believes that you will find that these hourly rates are very competitive when compared with attorneys of similar experience in the DFW area.

How many hours will your case take?

Unfortunately, it is difficult to give you a cut and dried answer to that question without speaking to you! Every case is different and the hours necessary can range significantly.

After The Keller Firm has had an opportunity to speak with you about your case, we will be able to give you a ballpark idea of the hours necessary for each stage of the case. That way, you have an idea of what your case will cost before you ever decide to retain The Keller Firm. More importantly, it will give you the power to make an informed decision as to what best suits your financial needs at each stage of the case.  

Why is The Keller Firm the right choice?

If you choose a firm with a low hourly rate you will likely run into two big problems which will drive the cost of your case up: (1) unnecessary work driven by too many people working on your case; and (2) firm-wide inefficiencies.

The size of The Keller Firm means fewer lawyers working on your case, which means no duplicative work and a more holistic approach resulting in cost savings which are passed onto you. Additionally, the small size allows The Keller Firm to be dynamic and to use the latest technologies to promote efficiency at every level. All of this saves the firm time which saves you money. 

How Can The Keller Firm Help?

The Keller Firm is committed to answering your questions about real estate and business law issues in Texas and Oklahoma.

If you would like to discuss your matter, please complete the contact form above describing the nature of your issue. Once received, we'll promptly reply letting you know whether The Keller Firm is a good fit for your particular matter.

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